About Us

PHD(Positive Law Consulting Office) is a highly specialized international law firm based in İstanbul, Turkey by Att. at Law Yasin Şimşek which represents both domestic and international law.

We believe the requires of variable world which needs to be specialized in international law beside the local law since the day of subscription of our firm and provide you active consultancy service with in English German and Russian languages for not only the national and international firms but our idividual clients.

We have adopt this as a principle that "the sense of the team is bigger than the sense of the individuals at team" since the beginning. Our team becomes integrated and accrue with every peace of it that shows continuity on the main factor based on qualified and solution orriented.

PHD, which is consisting enlightened, experienced and expert lawyers, works as partners with many law firm in European, African and Asian countries. Our law firm has leading international connection and represents all domestic and foreign clients at the international law platform and gives legal consultancy services about every kind of legal issue.

Happiness depends on success and success depends on the time of evaluation. We know the importance of time for you. Therefore, all kind of law amendments are closely followed by our dynamic team and at the same time, legal education seminars are also be given to the firms we provide consulting service. Thus the losses reduced to minimal and compromise and solution methods are offered to our esteemed clients before the trial stage. In addition to our consulting services, for the benefit of our clients, before and after the litigation proceedings steps are recorded and these records are delivered to our clients quickly again. Permanent goal of our firm is always to reach a solution the most efficient way and to provide quality services to our clients.

You may examine the relevant sections to observe our team and legal consulting services we served.