• Commercial Law

      Company İncorporations And Liquidations
      Mergers And Acquisitions
      Foreign Capital Companies
      International Business Transactions
  • Contracts Law

      Commercial Contracts
      Publication And Broadcasting Trademark License And Assignment Agreements
      Settlement And Release Agreements
  • Intellectual And Industrial Property Rights Law

      Trademark Law
      Patent And Registered Industrial Property Rights Law
      Intellectual And Artistic Works Law
      Registration And Detection Of Ip Rights
  • Labor & Social Security Law

      Preparation And Mooting Of Labor Contract
      Revisal Of Labour Contracts
      Making Notices Generating From Contract And Law In Labour Relation
      Preparation Of Contracts For Transeferring And Hiring Laborer
      Providing Consultancy Service Relating To Education To Be Given To Company Personnel
      Providing Consultancy Service Relating To Legal Measure About Occupational Safety And Health Regulation
  • Insurance Law

      Insurance Contracts And Policies
      Regulation As To Insurance Brokerage And Agency
      Indemnification Of Damages By Virtue Of Insurance Policies Or Contracts

  • Execution And Bankruptcy Procedures

      Enforcement Proceeding With Or Without Judgement
      Conservatory Attachment, Attachment And Protection Transactions
      Action Of Objection And Declaratory Actions
      Cancellation Of Objection, Negative Clearance, Bankruptcy And Composition Of Debts Transactions And Attorneyship
      Enforcement And Bankruptcy Pursuances İntended To Turn Into Cash Of Pledge And Hypothec
      Cancellation, Complaint, Claim, Replevin And Claim To Compensation Due To Attachment Transactions

  • Real Property Law

      Construction Contracts
      Mortgage Contracts And Registration Thereof
      Real Estate & Construction Law
      Consultancy On Real Estate Investment
      Gayrimenkul Malların Alım & Satımı
      Ipurchasing Real Property And Establishment Of Limited Rights Thereon İn The Name Foreign Real Persons Or Legal Persons
  • Transportation Law

      Damage Liability Of Land Transporter (Cmr)
      Damages Occuring During Sea Transportation And Air Transportation
  • Criminal Law

      Plaintiff And Accused Attorneyship In Each Phase Of Criminal Investigation And Prosecution
      Accused And Ntervenor Attorneyship İn The Court Of Peace, The Court Of First Instance And The High Criminal Courti
      Filing A Criminal Complaint
      Pursuance And Interventions During Preliminary Investigations Of Public Prosecution Office
      Penal Pursuances And Cases Arising From Foreign Exchange (Check Law), Intellectual And Industrial Property Rights
      Complaint And Case Pursuance For Penal Sanctions Which Are Issued With Bankruptcy And Enforcement Law And Other Special Laws
  • Information Law

      Following Of The Most Current Developments In The Field Of Information Technologies Law
      Following All Kinds Of Juridical Development In R&D
      Offering A Solution Related To Specific Law In Specific Areas For Information Technologies And R&D Companies
      Licensing, Protection Of Intellectual Property Rights, Following Of Transactions Within Register And Registration
      Offering Consultancy Service For Internet Content Provider
      Offering Juridical Consultancy Service And Preparation Of Juridical Substructure For Companies Which Sell Goods And Service On Internet
      Following And Concluding Of Infringements Caused By Internet.
  • Conciliation & Arbitration

  • Tax Law

      Resolution Of Disputes That Arise From Tax Assessments And Penalties